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Are you a good team player?

Posted by Janice Chan on June 19, 2017

You want to know if you are a team player? Make our quiz and find out what type of team player you are.

Personality test

1. The Team Player (You love to be part of a team)


Congratulations! You’ve definitely got what it takes to shine while you’re helping other people out. You don't just look out for yourself, you also try to see what's best for your company. Things would definitely fall apart without team players like you around to keep the group running smoothly. Kind, patient, and usually very responsible, you make sure that other people are feeling as good as you do. Of course you like to get credit when you succeed (who doesn’t?) you’re just more likely to take the time to make sure that everyone is doing well. Working with a team can be tough sometimes, but you’re tougher. Way to go!

2. The Captain (You like to lead a team)


Captain or Boss? It doesn’t matter exactly what they’re saying as long as they’re calling you the head of the team, right? You’re much more likely to work hard to get the credit, not just to be part of a crowd. Of course you’re still a people person — you can’t lead well if you aren’t well liked, right? — you would probably just rather stand out and make a good example of yourself. Just remember that knowing how to be a team player from time to time is a key part of success and go for it!

3. The Lonely Warrior (You prefer to work on your own)

bild 3.jpg

You know how to get your work done but you don’t need a team for it. That’s okay too. You don’t need to discuss every task in detail with everybody. We totally understand that! And you are right. For a lot of jobs, teamwork is not vital. But teamwork helps to get new ideas and to see things from a different perspective. You should start finding the right team for youself and you’ll be surprised how efficient teamwork can be. You don’t need to include teamwork on a regular basis but sometimes teamwork can work miracles. We are sure that you could be a great team player!

Good Job! You found out what type of team player you are. But why is it so important to work in a team? Keep reading to be aware of the importance of teamwork. 


Why teamwork fosters the efficiency of a company

Some employees try to avoid teamwork, but what is it that they don’t like it? Almost every company should include effective teamwork to foster the development of the business. Find out more why teamwork is so important to include and how you will benefit from it.


Makes Job Easier

With the industrial revolution, the era of mass production and division of tasks began. After getting a degree, employees are usually later specialized in areas, such as Marketing, Merchandising and Engineering. Nearly everyone is an expert in their specific field. An advantage of working in a team is that all the different skills are put together. Employees can perform the tasks which they are specialized in or even foster new ways in doing things. Pooling and sharing ideas can reduce mistakes. In case a problem arises, a team can deal with it faster.

Maximize One’s Strengths and Reduce Weaknesses

Working as a team does not only fosters one’s strengths, it can also reduce one’s weaknesses. As mentioned above, people who come from a different background and made different experiences are brought together to create innovative and optimal solutions. They do this by using their specific expertise and share it with their colleagues. The job gets easier and weaknesses can be reduced when people concentrate on their area of strength in completing the task.  

Makes Work Fun

Most people nowadays don’t laugh enough in their daily live. A study claimed that healthy children laugh around 400 times every day, but adults tend to laugh only 15 times a day. This is due to the pressure at work. It is sometimes good to be under pressure while working. That’s why some people prefer to work by themselves. In fact, working together with teammates can make it easier to solve tasks and problems and it also makes it more fun. Team work therefore is a great way to make employees more happy with their job and their tasks.

Support Network

The feeling to belong to something is essential for employees’ work motivation and satisfaction. A strong team can act as a great support mechanism to employees. When challenging tasks appear, a helping hand and sharing ideas can increase the performance of a company. Finding encouragement and inspiration from a team helps to foster the feeling of belongingness and motivation towards the firm, which increases the productivity of the company. Support within a business is of great importance for solving tasks and the success of the company.

Idea Generation Multiply Success

Nowadays lots of people spend too much time trying to come up with ideas by themselves. This can prevent the growth and the development of the company. One of the greatest benefits of working as a team is that new ideas and inspirations appear from a team discussions. No one is perfect, that’s why pencils have erasers. Teamwork has often been described as one plus one equals three. As a result of teamwork, the potential of each employee can increase and provide a variety of great ideas to the company.

If you also believe that teamwork is important for the efficiency within a company, try not always just to work on your own and rather sometimes meet up in a team to collect ideas together.

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