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Every Feedback Tool Is Useless Without Preparation For Feedback

Posted by Sarah Lindner on July 10, 2015

You are on your way to an appraisal interview. In your mind are many different impressions, situations and emotions collected from the last few months. In order to make this talk valuable, you try to incorporate all these thoughts in your feedback - which is correct but also very dangerous without the right preparation.

Why do I need to be prepared?

When I am professionally prepared and communicate in a neutral, observing manner, I will manage to stay "above surface" and even bring across critical feedback in a solution-oriented manner. However, by diving into the personal sphere, for example by not arguing based on observations, I disturb this professional basis and create a disruption. Anything said afterwards won't come across correctly as the communication basis has been harmed. Therefore, not being well prepared may cause more damage than not having the appraisal interview at all.

Preparation is key

As a result - if you want to avoid the primary-recency effect and develop and help your people grow - make sure you made your homework and know how to bring it across.


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