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Girls Only: The Critique Reserved for Women

Posted by Laura Tüttelmann on August 3, 2016

Few people would describe feedback talks as a great time, but could it be that your gender actually makes them worse?


Women are noted to be more often subjected to personality focused criticism when they receive feedback than their male colleagues.

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Leadership in the Era of Digital Transformation

Posted by Sarah Lindner on February 25, 2016

More and more challenges for companies going through a digital transformation

The challenges companies and their employees face when going through a digital transformation are enormous: fixed structures transform into flexible processes; “lonely wolves” need to work in interdisciplinary project teams. Decentral steering and flexibility increase.

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How Performance Reviews Have To Be Redesigned - 4 Tips For Better Feedback

Posted by Paula Hawasly on February 12, 2016

It is true that “change is the only constant”. This powerful quote also refers to the performance management area. As the needs and desires of the current generations in the workplace (think: Generation Y) are changing, how we give feedback on performance needs to adapt to new requirements.

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5 Advices To Enhance Motivation In The Workplace (Infographic)

Posted by Teresa Casero on January 20, 2016


There is an undeniable loop when companies boost employee motivationtheir engagement will increase and it will have an immediate impact on the organization. Therefore, to meet the requirements that motivation in the workplace has, it is important to have a deep insight into employees’ opinions. We have summarized several important studies into this infographic and can conclude that personal conversation is key in all dimensions:


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How Can Workforce Analysis Improve Your Company's Results?

Posted by Teresa Casero on January 14, 2016

Harvard Business Review Analytic Services surveyed 498 global large organizations in order to develop a study on the use of Workforce Analysis. Based on this survey, 89% of the respondents do not consider themselves to be effective at managing their workforce to its best advantage. It resulted that even the companies using advanced analytics are not satisfied with their organizational efficiency. Especially in important workforce attributes such as productivity, flexibility, collaboration and engagement.

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