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Top 3 HR Solution Trends Your Business Should Already Know About

Posted by Timotee Gbaguidi on July 1, 2015

Employers verify job applicants and employees in fine detail again and again, but also the other way around according the Deloitte survey, “Global Human Capital Trends 2015.” The study, for which over 3,300 Companies from 106 countries were surveyed, examines the ten most important trends that will keep HR busy in 2015. 

The ranking of the top three is especially noticeable: as opposed to last year, the selection of leadership positions no longer ranks as number one; culture and education are weighed as more important.

“2015­ Time to be bold” announces Josh Bersin, Founder of Deloitte. HR is being defined in a new way. However, where to start with being bold? What exactly will change?

We are up for the challenge­ let's take a look at the top 3 HR solution trends.


Top Trend 1: Culture And Engagement­ from Glasshouse to Greenhouse

The transparency of companies through social networks makes it easier than ever before for qualified executives to choose exactly where and when they want to work. As much as this is a blessing for them, it's a curse for companies. According to a Deloitte study, 81% of companies do not know how to present themselves positively on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as an employer. This gives the impression of sitting in a glasshouse­ exposed and visible for any outsider.

And yet companies can use the advantages that come with being in a “glasshouse” for their benefit. The idea is to let a greenhouse emerge, from which something amazing can be grown for others. The transparency would no longer have the effect of degradation but rather serve as a representation of the business as a whole. What might this look like?

Social media provides HR with unlimited opportunities that puts special emphasis on company culture, for example through an honest look into everyday work life or daily schedules of employees. Authentic portrayal of good work­life balance is especially in demand. Here, the focus lies not on eliminating rough edges but ensuring that the whole package is coherent. Millennials especially are ready to change workplace if they spot attractive employment opportunities. 

Social media does not only have an external effect. It also strengthens company awareness and the feeling of belonging of employees­ they become ambassadors of the work atmosphere.


Top Trend 2: Leadership from inside to the outside

The learning development plan of executives continues to be of high significance, but according to the survey, only little progress has been made in this area since last year.

Companies often forget about the potential of in­house talent during their recruiting battles for the best executives. The promotion of one's own qualified employees is an important building block for long­term retainment as well as stable leadership.

The challenge lies in offering talent management programs that can be communicated offensively externally, as well as to inspire the ambition of employees, for example through internal job postings.


Top Trend 3: Learning and Development­ individually and at work

The number of companies that consider implementing a learning development plan as very important has tripled within one year. As such, learning at the workplace has become a meaningful challenge; however, only 40% of executives feel their organizations are ready for this task.

Many employees educate themselves further through “learning by doing” and exchanging with colleagues, but learning should not only be a personal matter.

Executives must now make sure that learning becomes a part of the job. This way, employees will be able to react quickly on new challenges and advance the company optimally. The focus should be on examining and defining an individual's development goals, based on the demands and activities of an employee.

Deloitte's forecast in a nutshell is “a critical year.” In short: there is still a lot to accomplish; 2015 is sure to remain an exciting year.

All 10 trends of the study for 2015 can be found here.


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