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Why Using A Feedback Tool Is A Trend You Should Not Miss

Posted by Timotee Gbaguidi on November 26, 2015


We’re normally used to hearing other kinds of lines from rapper Wiz Khalifa, but though he may not quite be conscious of it himself, once in a while he says things that are also of great relevance to the HR biz.

The annual performance review is dead, long live continuous feedback! Using a feedback tool for this purpose is currently one of the hottest topics in the HR world, and one with which we too are concerned every single day.

Annual employee review meetings just aren’t enough! How come? If you think of one of your company’s employees spontaneously and try to recall what they accomplished over the last year, what comes to mind?

In most cases, you’ll be able to remember two points in time: one that lies deep in the past, perhaps your first impression of the employee in their initial interview for the job or the last annual review meeting, and a later one that occurred no more than 14 days ago, for example the time the employee in question showed up late for work over the past week.

Your feedback will also be based on these memories, not due to any lack of interest in your employee or ill will towards them on your part: it is simply a part of being human and a phenomenon that has been proven by science: the primacy-recency effect.

This effect causes information registered both initially and then later on to be favored over other types of information, as it is more present in our memories.

The result is often inadequate feedback, which ends up failing to capture a lot of information regarding the employee’s performance and leads to frustration for the employee. In addition, inadequate feedback leaves most employees feeling let down and not taken seriously. More feedback means more acknowledgement of their personal contribution and more options to improve it. If the employee’s productivity increases, so does that of the company as a whole. It’s precisely for this reason that continuous feedback has moved into the center of attention.

But what does continuous feedback mean exactly? It’s not only about having shorter periods between performance review meetings: it’s also about preparing them in a more purposeful and detailed manner.

Regular gathering and recording detailed information in the company's work evaluation template will make this approach considerably easier for you and your employees. Here it’s not about trying to monitor their every single move; much more so, it’s about both you and your employees (!) recording progress, along with any problems that might arise on the job. This increases the quality of the feedback. Then you can get together at regular intervals and share your insight with the help of the notes you have made.

Maybe Wiz Khalifa isn’t exactly an HR expert, but he’s still right about one thing: important decisions call for good preparation, and what is more important for your company than your employees?


The take-away:

• Gather information! Record details on progress and any occasional setbacks during a project in performance reviews templates. It may sound like extra hassle at first, but it will certainly pay off long-term!

• Offer insight and solutions: Talk openly but constructively with your employees about their strengths and weaknesses and provide them with targeted coaching.

• Go and seek out different opinions and approaches! All around the world, HR experts are also there to help you with general questions. For example, we just came across a great article on the subject of continuous feedback on LinkedIn. Very well worth reading, Jackie Basset!


Acquire further knowledge on what to consider to use any feedback tool or how these can help you retain Gen Y.


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