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A Collaborative Hiring Process Should Be Part Of Your HR Solution for 2016

Posted by Timotee Gbaguidi on November 12, 2015

Quote of the Week - HR Solution

Steve Jobs, who doesn’t know him? Admittedly the man was pretty much a genius, or at least most of what he said was clever. I ran into the above quote on Quora recently, posted with the unanswered question: What did Steve mean by this?

Collaborate – you have to do it in any company, since an organization is not only composed of a bunch of people with the same identical job description.

You have to picture the whole thing like the inside of a big machine, in which different gears mesh with one another and work together: If anything fails to fit together right, the whole mechanism gets stuck. So if you hire a new employee, they should not only be the ideal candidate for the particular area – their communication with the other areas also has to be right.

Steve Jobs is basically describing his approach at Apple here: Before hiring someone in marketing for instance, the prospective employee first had to be introduced to the designers and engineers too. Not until they had given their feedback did Jobs make his final decision. In this way, this organizational collaboration is the HR solution to be adopted this year.


What we can learn from this:

  •  A good work environment and strong relationship between all work areas often determine the performance and success of a company.


  • Don’t be afraid to consult with employees from different departments when it comes to making personnel decisions. Have them give you feedback on employment opportunities.


  • Make sure that your employees from all different departments know one another personally and that they communicate with one another in an open manner.


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