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loopline update #August vol. 2 - visual improvements and updated wordings

Posted by Sebastian Friedrich on August 24, 2016


In addition to this month’s Navigation & Design updates, we’ve recently made some smaller changes to the profile page as well.

We revamped and simplified the communication on the next feedback steps for employees. The new, polished profile page will tell you exactly where you are in the process or which actions need immediate attention.

You can additionally check your feedback history and previous accomplishments right away on the timeline above.

As an employee, you’ll see this new design when clicking on ‘My Profile’. If you’re managing people as well, you can see the same update on your direct report’s profile page.



Updated Wordings

The second change only regards wording. However, we think it’s best to take a look to avoid confusion the first time you see it.


During this period, you not only prepare for the upcoming feedback talk, but you also track your progress. Both parties - the employee and the manager - collect notes in the notebook, set objectives and learning goals to overcome the recency effect and build a strong track record of accomplishments. In addition, the manager can also request 360° feedbacks from other colleagues as well.


After collecting all performance and satisfaction related information during the (self-)assessment period, they’ll be compiled for feedback talk preparation. After you completed your self-assessment and your manager completed the assessment about you, you’ll meet and discuss your perspectives.


Once the feedback talk has taken place, the final step in the process is that the employee reviews and agrees on the overall assessment.


Thanks a lot,

Your Loopline Systems Team

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