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loopline Update #August - Latest Feature Releases

Posted by Sebastian Friedrich on August 10, 2016


We’ve worked hard this month to release a lot of helpful new features for you that will be gradually released within the week after the 12th of August 2016, including:

  • Navigation & Design updates
  • What’s New? Button & Blog
  • Notifications & Admin Settings
  • Wording updates

Navigation Update

To make loopline more intuitive and even easier to use, we rearranged the main navigation on the left. The new simplified main navigation bar now includes:

  • My Profile
  • My Team
  • My Organisation

You will of course not lose any features and the new pages include all necessary information and tools to successfully prepare for your upcoming feedback talk.


As you can see, the navigation is not only much simpler now, but all necessary information and tools are also included in the tabs directly on your profile page.  


My Profile  will combine everything you need to prepare your feedback talk and there’s no longer a need for endless scrolling. The new tabs include:

  • Your Notebook
  • Objectives
  • Learning Goals
  • Training Opportunities

There’s now no longer the need to click through various sections of loopline to collect notes and prepare for your feedback as you’ll have everything sorted in these tabs. When hovering over the different tabs, you’ll see more information on the section.




Just as before, the privacy settings are indicated on each tab to make sure you know which information will be kept 100% private, and which will be shared with your manager. So no need to worry if you want to save a private note.


My Team will include all features that help you develop your coworkers , get an overview of their satisfaction and evaluate their performance and progress. The sections include:

  • Team Objectives
  • Team Feedback
  • Create Questionnaires
  • Analytics & Reports

You can filter and sort the overview tab to your preference, as well as monitor and analyse within this same section. You may also upload and share documents with your team members here. The team objectives are now included directly into the team overview and the respective employee's profile card. 





My Organisation will give you an overview of your projects and watchlists. You’re able to add your team members, and keep track of their progress.




What’s New” Button

In order to make it even easier to stay up-to-date, we are introducing the, “What’s New” button which guides every user straight to the latest feature updates section of our  blog. This will help you to keep your organization up to date with recent loopline improvements.





Notifications & Admin Settings

Along with  design changes, the notifications and admin settings have been moved from the main navigation on the left, to the top right hand corner. Now you have them accessible and visible at all times, from wherever you are in loopline.





Wording updates

We’ve made some necessary wording changes in loopline that should make certain processes easier to understand. Feel free to inform your users if necessary.



Expect more useful feature developments in the near future, and please feel free to let us know what you’d like to see. We’re looking forward to receiving your suggestions at: feedback@loopline-systems.com.

Thanks a lot,

Your Loopline Systems Team

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