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Advantages of 360 degree feedback

Posted by Laura Tüttelmann on October 10, 2017
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Why 360-Degree Feedback Should Be Part Of Your Performance Management Best Practices

Posted by Sarah Lindner on September 4, 2017

In order to improve employee performance and thus ensure a company’s success in the long run, it is important that employees receive regular and concrete feedback. Over the past 30 years, 360-degree feedback has become one of the most important methods for the assessment of behaviors and competencies of managers and employees. 

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Topics: Feedback

The benefits of flexible working arrangements

Posted by Laura Tüttelmann on September 4, 2017

Working whenever employees want to: This sounds great to most employees. Companies start taking the work-life balance more serious and want to maximize the productivity of their employees. For most people flexible working hours are an advantage. A study conducted inside a Fortune 500 company over a nine month period found out that flexible workers achieved more, were sick less often, worked longer hours and were happier with their work. Compared to their colleagues who don't have flexible working hours, these employees were less likely to have a burnout and less stressed about their work. Why does it have such a huge impact on employees’ satisfaction?

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Some simple conversation tips

Posted by Laura Tüttelmann on August 31, 2017

Sometimes a conversation is not that meaningful because you waste too much time and don't get to a point. We have some tips for you on how you can have a more meaningful conversation.


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Why smiles are contagious

Posted by Laura Tüttelmann on August 28, 2017

Smile and the world smiles back at you. Neurologists have already scientifically proven this proverb. "Smiling is healthy". But what causes it? And why do we have to laugh when other people laugh out loud?

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