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Nora Heer on BILANZ.de - Free Radicals

Posted by Teresa Casero on June 29, 2016

VW is looking forward to upcoming artifical intelligence developments in management, expected to hit the market around 2030. But until then, new approaches in empathy and criticism will have to do. 

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Our Cofounder, Nora Heer’s latest post in Bilanz discusses addressing prevalent feedback problems. In light of the development of new management technology with decision making capabilities, she questions whether or not this level of leadership can really be supplemented with software.

This artificial super-intelligence is due to be released circa 2030, and promises to be advanced in decision making and management skills. This was announced in a lecture at Singularity University from Google development manager, Ray Kurzweil’s think-tank. The IT Manager of VW listened in along with international executives from Palo Alto, a somewhat ironic picture considering VW’s own software which recently duped the public into thinking their car emissions were significantly lower than they actually were. The concern then arises how such software capabilities will be used by organizations who could manipulate this capability for criminal activity.

However, the core of the software is really addressing a primary feedback problem: becoming more clear. Kim Scott for example, a Google and Apple manager, trains management in guiding people effectively. Instead of critic coupled with pseudo-praise, feedback must be direct and very clear-  a formula that allows colleagues to develop themselves in a consequent way.

If Rob Nail, Head of the Singularity University believes that 70 to 80 percent of the decisions he makes every day could also be made by an algorithm- the question at hand then becomes on which management model the algorithm is programmed. Hopefully it’s not false empathy.


Read the full article here: www.bilanz.de


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