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Loopline Update #October - Latest Feature Release

Posted by Sebastian Friedrich on October 11, 2016


Feedback is vital to professional growth -  not only from your direct manager, but likewise from fellow co-workers. In order to support this growth and encourage collaboration, we’ve added the option of positive Direct Feedback to loopline.

When activated by admin, anyone will be able to send badges, messages or even both to their co-worker, with the option to invite others to interact, ‘like’ and even comment in the near future.  This interactive feedback will be open for participation for up to 7 days, making sure the focus is on recent events.

The admin can turn this new feature on in the admin settings under feedback settings:


In case you’d like to provide direct feedback for any of your co-workers, you can simply go to his or her profile page and click on the Direct Feedback tab. You’ll be shown the feedback you’ve provided in this tab, as well as any that has been shared with you about this co-worker. 

A new set of positive badges has been created, making it easier to see how well your co-worker has been doing.


You'll receive a notification whenever someone has sent you direct feedback, or invites you to interact with a co-worker's received direct feedback. Further, you'll be able to access them on your (respectively your co-worker's) profile page. 


More useful feature updates will be developed in the near future- Please feel free to let us know what you’d like to see. We’re looking forward to receiving your suggestions at: feedback@loopline-systems.com.

Thanks a lot,

Your Loopline Systems Team

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