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10 tips to improve your work-life balance

Posted by Sarah Lindner on February 23, 2017

Splitting your time and energy 50-50 is most likely not going to happen at every point in time. But there are a few things that help to make your everyday a lot more enjoyable.


Time Management
Take a couple of days and do a time log. Note down how much time you spend on different activities. Are there any huge time sinks? Anything you could do more efficiently? The App Timeneye can basically track everything you do all day.
Set yourself clear priorities and don’t try to do a hundred things on the fly. Schedule the important things around the hours you are more productive.
Extra trip: Schedule appointments for your private events as well.

Time for yourself
Take one day a week where you spend your lunch break without your colleagues or business partners. Choose a spot that is not right next to your office, so you can benefit from a short walk as well.

Work out
No excuses, even though we can probably come up with ton. And often it is really not that easy to squeeze in a workout somewhere. The time getting to your gym might already consume a lot of time.
But a 20 minute yoga session with Simply Yoga in your morning routine or a quick run through your neighborhood with Runtatstic’ can give you exactly the energy you need to power through your day.

Make your work green
If you can’t go into nature - bring nature to you. Sounds weird, but it works. A plant in the office is scientifically proven to increase your well-being and provides you with additional oxygen.

Put away your phone or turn it off entirely to not be available 24/7 for once. You won’t be tempted to answer emails, calls, messages or feel stressed out by the need to capture everything you do.
Reading a book before falling asleep or talking to your partner. Enjoying your food without posting it to Instagram, Snapchat and so on.
Bonus tip from us:  DistractaGone helps you to occasionally shift the focus to other things.

The magic word: No!
“Could you quickly?” or “Are you finishing this today?” - No!
Many tasks can also be delegated. Don’t feel responsible for everything. You do not have to be in every meeting if you have other priorities.
The same goes for your time off work - sometimes it helps to not be part of everything.

Good work atmosphere
First: it makes going to work much more enjoyable. A poor relation with your colleagues is often the reason for psychological stress that can take over your private life as well. Second, it’s going to be much easier to find a colleague who can take over one of your tasks if you need to leave earlier one day. But look out: you have to give back as well. Otherwise this will leave a bad taste.

Live healthy
Health and happiness are inevitably connected. Of course, a burger for lunch might satisfy your cravings, but then you should watch your nutrition a little more the rest of the week. Meal prepping saves you time, money and it tastes better.
Some blogs we like to browse for inspiration: Kitchen Stories, Deliciously Ella, Springlane

Appreciate your after work hours
No one benefits if you spend the nights in the office. Allow yourself your evenings off. You will be much more productive the next day.

That is THE new thing. Psychologists have proven that there are different domains in your life. Those can be work, your relationship, fitness, or your pet. Get an overview (drawing is fantastic) and identify which domain has the greatest emphasis right now and how you would like the emphasis to be spread. This is how you create awareness. The rest will follow automatically.


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