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The Problem With Not Knowing How To Establish A Learning Development Plan

Posted by Timotee Gbaguidi on September 24, 2015


The number of companies that consider learning and development as very important has tripled over the course of one year. Learning in the workplace is becoming a major challenge, but only 40% of managers perceive their organization as currently prepared for this task.

Many workers are educating themselves through “learning by doing” and sharing knowledge with colleagues, but even so, a learning development plan should not be a private matter.

Well-trained employees can quickly respond to new challenges and move the business forward in an optimal way. The focus should therefore always be on the consideration and definition of the development objectives of the individual, depending on the employee’s needs and activities.

Executives must now ensure that corporate training and development becomes part of work itself.

Your task? Incorporate learning:

  • Offer your staff training and development opportunities
  • Sit down with your staff and exchange information about strengths and weaknesses
  • Support your employees specifically and individually

Each year, Deloitte brings you the “Global Human Capital Trends.” Over 3,300 companies from 106 countries are surveyed and the result is a comprehensive understanding of the most important trends and changes in the field of human resource management of the year. This year, there are 10 trends which you can read about here. But what do these trends mean concretely? What changes do they bring about and, especially, what benefit do they have for my company and how can I implement them?

Week by week we will take a deeper look at one of the trends and summarize the most important lessons for you.

10 Weeks – 10 Trends – Many Changes


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