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How Employment Opportunities Will Look Like This New Year

Posted by Timotee Gbaguidi on August 24, 2015

Each year, Deloitte brings you the “Global Human Capital Trends.” Over 3,300 companies from 106 countries are surveyed and the result is a comprehensive understanding of the most important trends and changes in the field of human resource management of the year. This year, there are 10 trends which you can read about here. But what do these trends mean concretely? What changes do they bring about and, especially, what benefit do they have for my company and how can I implement them?

Week by week we will take a deeper look at one of the trends and summarize the most important lessons for you.

10 Weeks – 10 Trends – Many Changes


Trend 2: Workforce-On-Demand – The Use Of Worldwide Talent

In the USA, 34% of employees work as so-called “open talents,” or freelancers that take on work contracts. The number of freelancers is also rising steadily in Germany. Companies benefit from this exchange, as they have the opportunity to draw on resources and competencies spontaneously and temporarily. What is missing for companies, however, are systems of organization for this additional labor force.

The shift from classical work relations to “workforce on demand” needs an HR solution for employee management. However, how would a CEO reinvent his or her company to fit this model? First and foremost: Adapt yourself! Even if you do not presently hire freelancers, the day will likely come sooner than you think.

Go through your resources once again and clearly define where the strengths of your company lie and in which areas input is still necessary. This is how you can find out where there is potential demand for these employment opportunities.

Your Task: Equip Your Company To Be Ready For Open Talent:

  • Inform yourself on the subject with your HR managers and exchange ideas
  • Define clear goals and possible resources for future use
  • Develop a framework for how possible collaborations might look like


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