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How to easily achieve employees satisfaction

Posted by Laura Tüttelmann on May 11, 2017

How satisfied your employees are with their current job and tasks plays an important role for a company. Workers are more motivated, work more efficiently and work longer for a company. A positive attitude might influence potential applicants as well as customers.

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How can we make our employees feel comfortable? And is it possible to be in charge of your own satisfaction?

Our study shows that almost a third of the workers are not satisfied with their job.

Just 14% of participants said that they are totally pleased with their job.

To increase employee satisfaction, you should have to take a look at the social psychology. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs comprises a five tier model of human needs within a pyramid:  

  1. Psychological needs
  2. Safety needs
  3. Belongingness and love needs
  4. Esteem needs
  5. Selfactualization

It is easier to satisfy the first few levels of the pyramid but more complicated to reach the last two levels, esteem needs and selfactualization. The first tier satisfies the basic issues of survival such as food, sleep and stable employment. One tier above reflects the safety needs such as securing one’s livelihood and safe work environment. The desire to have friends and a relationship follows right after the safety needs.

The next levels are more difficult to reach. The last two steps illustrate the desire to have power, a good image and to be individual. To reach the fourth tier is possible though for employees and leads to motivation and commitment. Influence as well as respect and admiration of others play a big role. But how is it also possible for employees to reach the levels which lead to motivation and commitment? Here some easy hints to make your people feel comfortable in the long-term.

Tips that make your employees more satisfied:


  1. Listening

We all know that there are very stressful days where there is no time to take care of every personal wish. But there should be time to listen to potential worries of your employees. Find out the strengths and weaknesses of each employee, their personal field of interest and which team matches best to them. This will have a positive effect on both sides.

  1. Praise

If somebody did a great job, let them know they did! This fosters the motivation and leads to more satisfaction and at the same time to admiration of other employees. According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, this is very important when it comes to employees satisfaction.

  1. High Responsibility

Show your employees that you trust them by giving them more responsibility. This also approves how important each person is for the company. This influences the quality of work and the commitment and might lead to more happiness within a job.

  1. High flexibility

To take care of the needs and wishes of your employees you should respect their personal situation. Not all employees are productive at the same time of the day. Give them a period where they can decide at what time they start working and finish work. That way you help your employees to organize their private life better and at the same time you get more productive workers.

Also as an employee there are a few things you can take care of in order to achieve more satisfaction within your job.

How to be more satisfied in your job:

  1. Trust

Trust plays an important role when it comes to satisfaction. Scepticism and suspicion have a negative impact on us and increase the likelihood to be more unhappy with a job.

  1. Positive anthropology

A more positive attitude influences the people around you and fosters the atmosphere within a company. It is more likely to have a better position in a company if the people around you have a positive attitude towards you.

  1. Emotional stability

Don’t freak out too fast. Busy days are normal at work. During these days it is not unusual that people are stressed and might criticize you. Don’t take this too personal! People who are able to handle criticism and stress are usually more satisfied.

  1. Job change

If you already took care of the first three steps and still feel dissatisfied than you have to change something and become more active! You don’t get along with your manager and your colleagues? You also think that you don’t get paid enough? Then don’t waste any more time and energy and reorientate. Look for a new job than interests you more. This will give you more strength and will foster your satisfaction.

In the next part of our series we will talk about feedback.

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