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How Performance Reviews Have To Be Redesigned - 4 Tips For Better Feedback

Posted by Paula Hawasly on February 12, 2016

Performance Reviews - 4 Tips Feedback

It is true that “change is the only constant”. This powerful quote also refers to the performance management area. As the needs and desires of the current generations in the workplace (think: Generation Y) are changing, how we give feedback on performance needs to adapt to new requirements.

Change is also hard - which is why we have summarized the four most important aspects of feedback for this new generation. We hope to help you as a manager understand what is important when giving feedback and inspire you to get better at it, everyday.

The core of feedback

When it comes to reviewing performance, this should be an ongoing process to ensure that your employees are happy and continuously engaged. In order to achieve this, the following 4 elements play an important role:

  • Authentic feedback culture: Giving as well as receiving frequent praise and constructive feedback is the best way to show interest in your team members’ development. Be authentic when you give feedback - share a story when you struggled with the same thing, or encourage by giving one or two examples of your personal development goals.
  • Transparency and credibility: You should establish a system to track how the performance of every single team member of yours is developing. Note down small achievements, concrete examples and suggestions to improve continuously so that you can use them either in weekly 1on1s or during your performance reviews. Keep an eye on how engaged your employees seem so that you can act at an early stage when you detect low engagement levels.
  • Action plan for development: Feedback does not stop at you sharing your observations and suggestions for improvement. You need to give corresponding training and support programs to your team members. Think about which trainings, books, and coaching sessions would help your employees achieve their development goals - this process is the key to unlock the potential of the entire workforce.
  • Flexibility and agility: The corresponding feedback systems you use, be it pen and paper or a cloud-based solution, need to be flexible and agile. Your organization and your employees change - and the system needs to reflect that. For you, this means continuously working on your feedback skills. For the system it means that securing the data in the cloud is an optimal way to regularly evaluate and develop the performance of the workforce.

Giving constructive feedback frequently and supporting it with an effective performance management system has a huge impact on how happy and committed your employees are.

Learn more on how giving feedback and doing performance reviews has changed in our white paper “From Performance Review to Performance Preview”:


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