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Five Minutes with: Aki Kakko at the HR TechTank in Berlin

Posted by Timotee Gbaguidi on August 14, 2015

Aki Kakko - HR TechTank

Aki Kakko is one of the founders of Joberate, a technology platform that identifies behavior patterns based on data pulled from online activities during job searches. In short: “Joberate calculates the likelihood of job termination in real time.” (Tim Pröhm

Based on the data surveyed by Joberate, companies can set up their HR departments more effectively, utilize their resources more efficiently and make more concrete predictions for the future.

Aki, what brings you to HR TechTank today?

I am a partner to both the HR Unconferences (HRU) as well as the HR TechTank. I try to make HR processes more efficient and steer investors’ and HR-oriented employees’ attention towards big data. That’s why I’m here: to introduce some innovations in this area.

In your opinion, what are the most important HR trends for 2016?

I can see that HR is maturing and growing into a small science on its own. In the past, HR was based on projections and hunches; now, it’s based on data and facts: statements no longer start with “I think,” but rather, “I know.” It is exciting to see how companies will use this data for themselves. The right understanding is crucial and for me personally, it’s very interesting to follow.

What should HR employees pay careful attention to?

I think the reason why a person chooses to work in the HR industry is because he or she is interested in the people behind the facade of the company itself. HR employees now need to lose their timidity towards numbers and look into them! Nowadays we have all of the necessary data to understand how we can improve the performance of a company. Oftentimes, however, it is not used or when it is- it is used too sporadically. For example, there is often a big gap between the employee development for the future, even though we are able to look exactly into what workers are currently employed and who will be needed in the future. HR employees must become aware of the importance of knowing how to do this as well, or they will be replaced with others with greater analytic abilities in the future.

What input are you taking with you from the conference?

Mainly, I am taking with me input and information with regards to Germany! Since I do not live in Germany, it is most exciting for me to observe how the HR field is set up here. Who are the leading players and innovators? Exchanging information with local companies and investors is the best way for me to discover new approaches and ideas.

Your nugget of HR wisdom for us?

Very simple: HR employees don’t have to be analysts or scientists, but they do have to start understanding the world of data in more detail and to know the options of implementing different uses. There are countless open platforms and data science courses: all of the needed information is already there, most of it for free. You just have to be interested and you can start learning right away.

What are you up to after Berlin, Aki?

To be honest, I booked a one-way ticket to Berlin, so I will stay here for a while longer. And with this weather, it is a great place to relax for an undefined amount of time. Afterwards, I will probably head to Vilnius on business, yes- Vilnius will be my next destination.



Aki Kakko

Topics: HR Trends, Management & Leadership, HR Solutions

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