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Leadership in the Era of Digital Transformation

Posted by Sarah Lindner on February 25, 2016

digital transformation

More and more challenges for companies going through a digital transformation

The challenges companies and their employees face when going through a digital transformation are enormous: fixed structures transform into flexible processes; “lonely wolves” need to work in interdisciplinary project teams. Decentral steering and flexibility increase.New technologies are with us at every step of the way - and in every area of our life. Digitalization changes the way we work - and the way we manage personnel.

A new feedback culture is necessary

The war for talent and increasing turnover put companies under pressure - especially in the era of digital transformation. In their Predictions for 2016, Bersin by Deloitte said, "More than 60 percent of all companies are redesigning (or have redesigned) their performance management process, typically moving from top-down rating and ranking to a feedback-centric, developmental, often rating-less model." This is why employee satisfaction has to become the core aspect of performance management. Digital performance management systems can increase efficiency, but a new feedback culture is even more important for companies to stay attractive as an employer.

Digital transformation - more than new technologies

Simply introducing new systems does not make for a proper change process. And change is hard - most change processes in companies fail.

The solution: Leadership in the era of digital transformation

We support you during this change process. Leadership in times of digital transformation is challenging, but not impossible - based on great feedback processes you can prepare your company for the challenges to come.


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