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Nora Heer on BILANZ.de - Free Radicals

Posted by Teresa Casero on June 29, 2016

VW is looking forward to upcoming artifical intelligence developments in management, expected to hit the market around 2030. But until then, new approaches in empathy and criticism will have to do. 

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Revelation of Unethical Decisions in Business and Company Culture

Posted by Teresa Casero on June 15, 2016


The Panama Papers are a very illustrative example of where the world is moving towards to. The leak is the greatest revelation in history affecting several heads of state and numerous political, cultural and sports personalities. It now seems that these companies and wealthy individuals have been showing an ethical image towards the public while using the rest of their time to engage in unethical business activities using offshore tax havens.

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Topics: HR Trends, Management & Leadership

Break Free! - How Vertical HR Solutions Ensure Agility

Posted by Teresa Casero on May 19, 2016

Digital transformation is not just about technology, it is also about the way in which employees engage with an organization. It offers great opportunities for competitive advantage and value creation, though it requires a corresponding transformation within the core of a business in return.

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Topics: HR Solutions

Nora Heer on BILANZ.de - Leadership Bubbles: The Second Reality

Posted by Teresa Casero on May 18, 2016

The Panama Papers expose the ugly core of "tax haven". Even in the heart of the successful utopias, in Silicon Valley, the bubbles are bursting.


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Topics: HR Trends

How Employee Development Software Will Help You Engage Generation Y

Posted by Teresa Casero on April 20, 2016

There is an urge to understand the complexity of the current labor market in terms of coexistence of various and different generations of employees. Generation Y, or Millennials, are continuously entering the workforce and, as widely discussed, companies that do not learn how to make career opportunities attractive for them will struggle.

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