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Girls Only: The Critique Reserved for Women

Posted by Jessica LaFave on July 14, 2017

Few people would describe feedback talks as a great time, but could it be that your gender actually makes them worse?

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Topics: Feedback

The 3 most common mistakes managers make

Posted by Jessica LaFave on October 26, 2016

Management isn’t easy, especially in the face of a generally quickly evolving workplace culture. None the less, there is some degree of consistency in the type of mistakes unexperienced managers tend to make. From a perspective of leadership coaching, we're especially interested in mentioning the following three points as these mistakes are made most frequently.

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Topics: Management & Leadership

All development begins with praise

Posted by Jessica LaFave on October 12, 2016

We at loopline believe that all development begins with praise. We put together a short video to give a glimpse of the simplicity of our product, as well as the potential it has to enhance your team's performance by encouraging frequent and consistent feedback talks. Hope you enjoy it!

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Getting to the point: How today's performance conversations are different

Posted by Jessica LaFave on September 29, 2016

It seems like just about everyone is ready to throw the towel in on the annual performance review. From Deloitte and Adobe to Accenture, we frequently hear of those leaving behind once-a-year stints in favor of more continuous modes of evaluation. However, as old models of evaluation are left behind, managers naturally find themselves questioning how the new models should really play out differently. How exactly should these be conversational while also being clear and concise? Surely the same old routine- just more frequent- can’t be the sum of the solution.

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When Praise Leads to Performance

Posted by Jessica LaFave on September 20, 2016

Did praise come up today? Here's how to do it right- As much as we may appreciate the effort of those we work with, expressing this deliberately is not always a first instinct, or something we're even totally comfortable with. Never the less, most of us have experienced what a great source of motivation giving and receiving honest praise can be. That's why we've compiled the top five tips on giving motivation-inspiring praise to your employees and colleagues. When it comes to work, this has an effect beyond the passing compliment. 

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Topics: Management & Leadership

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