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Are you a good manager?

Cultural Diversity in a Workplace

Girls Only: The Critique Reserved for Women

How 4 generations can work together in one workplace

Are you a good team player?

6 tips to create your day more productive

5 tips to further your career

8 office etiquette tips

Be successful with the right feedback

How to easily achieve employees satisfaction

6 ideas for a better work atmosphere

How to foster the development of your team

7 things to remember, when you are asking for a raise

Praising people - often and properly

8 ways to be a better boss

7 podcasts to keep you up to date on all things HR

Predict Your Company's Future - With People Analytics

10 tips to improve your work-life balance

The 3 most common mistakes managers make

All development begins with praise

Loopline Update #October - Latest Feature Release

Getting to the point: How today's performance conversations are different

When Praise Leads to Performance

What does feedback mean to you? We interviewed Patrick from audibene

Nora Heer on Berlin Valley: How the role of tomorrow's leaders will change

loopline update #August vol. 2 - visual improvements and updated wordings

The Demand Matrix

loopline Update #August - Latest Feature Releases

Girls Only: The Critique Reserved for Women

Nora Heer on BILANZ.de - The Hillary Mistake (German)

Nora Heer on BILANZ.de - Free Radicals

Nora Heer in XING - Klartext: Feedback should be based on people, not on systems

Loopline in Berlin Valley - Startup Magazine Recruiting Spezial

t3n Magazine Reviews Loopline

Break Free! - How Vertical HR Solutions Ensure Agility

Nora Heer on BILANZ.de - Leadership Bubbles: The Second Reality

How Employee Development Software Will Help You Engage Generation Y

Nora Heer on BILANZ.de: Pseudo-modern Team Building

The Greatest Change in Business Since the Industrial Revolution

IBB bet invests: Loopline in Tagesspiegel

Loopline in Berlin Valley - Startup Magazine

What Drives Employees in Light of Generation Change

"Those who cannot develop will leave" - Nora Heer in Handelsblatt

Leadership in the Era of Digital Transformation

On Our Own Behalf: Loopline Systems is delighted to announce investment from the founder of Flaconi, Constanze Buchheim and Martina Weiner at i-potentials

How An Effective Performance Management System Can Retain Top Talent (Infographic)

How Performance Reviews Have To Be Redesigned - 4 Tips For Better Feedback

Nora Heer on BILANZ.de: Why female intuition is not enough

Measure The Value Of Implementing A Performance Management System

5 Advices To Enhance Motivation In The Workplace (Infographic)

How Can Workforce Analysis Improve Your Company's Results?

This Is How Employee Development Software Can Help Your Business

Why Using A Feedback Tool Is A Trend You Should Not Miss

You Don't Have To Be Loyal To The Traditional HR Tools

Leading Or Guiding Generation Y? Loopline Systems Launches Feedback From The Cloud And Coaching Service

A Collaborative Hiring Process Should Be Part Of Your HR Solution for 2016

6 Brilliant Tips For Employee Motivation In The Workplace

Do You Have An Appraisal Form For Gen Y? Here Is What Will Happen Next

3 Tips To Add Technology To Your Corporate Training And Development

Why Not Simplify To Optimize Your Work Evaluation Template?

How To Predict The Future Of Your Company Using Human Resources Analysis

What Key Factors Should You Be Considering In Your Performance Management Process?

The Problem With Not Knowing How To Establish A Learning Development Plan

Tips To Anticipate Your Performance Management Process To The Digital Changes

This Is Why You May Need To Rethink Your Employee Development Software

Employee Motivation in the Workplace Explained by Neuroscience

How To Strengthen Your Management Skills With Social Media

Being A Great Leader Is One Of Your Employee Engagement Ideas? Then You May Want To Read This

The Ultimate Digital Leadership Skills (Your Team Will Love Them)

How Employment Opportunities Will Look Like This New Year

Empower HR To Achieve Employee Motivation In The Workplace

Five Minutes with: Aki Kakko at the HR TechTank in Berlin

7 Golden Rules To Optimize Your Performance Evaluation Tools

Why The Johari Window Is One Of The Best Employee Engagement Ideas

Five Minutes with: Marta Domanska at HR TechTank in Berlin

Every Feedback Tool Is Useless Without Preparation For Feedback

Top 3 HR Solution Trends Your Business Should Already Know About

3 Reliable Tips To Effective Leadership Skills

The Worst Mistake You May Be Doing In Your Employee Motivation Techniques

Winning the War for Talent by not Fighting It

Using A Feedback Tool (Or How To Retain Gen Y Talent)

Wondering How You Can SMARTen Up Your Objectives For Your Staff Training Plan?

3 Rules To Never Break When Selecting Your Performance Management System

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