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8 ways to be a better boss

Posted by Laura Nelde on April 11, 2017

Being a good boss isn’t always all that easy. Often it’s only a bunch of small things that make you a better leader. In the craziness of everyday work however it is easy to lose track of those. Here are 8 things that help you become the better leader one step at a time.

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Define clear goals and strategies
Your team needs a specific goal to work towards. Thus you should define it clearly and take your time to explain new strategies. Only then if your team knows and understands your expectations they will be able to execute tasks properly and focus on what is important to you.

Stop micromanagemt
No matter how much you like to be involved everything - don’t do it. Delegate tasks, let your team make their own experience and don’t try to maintain control if every little detail.

Remind your team of the big picture
It is easy to lose track of the ultimate goal in your daily work. Remind your team occasionally of the big pucture and how all their work is specifically contributing to that.

Communication is no one-way street
Don’t just expect from your employees to inform you about everything, but make sure to pass on the information you receive as well. What is being discussed at a higher management level is often of interest to your team as well and your employees will feel more included.

Say “We” not “I”
Pay attention to yourself and consciously speak of our achievements. Because to be honest, without your team the majority wouldn’t have happened.

Be consistent
As important as it is to be on one level with your team, you are also responsible to set some rules as a boss. Stay consistent when enforcing them and don’t let certain team members get away with a bunch of exceptions. That is not only bad for the team spirit but also decreases the respect your team has towards you.

Spend some time with each team member
Of course, between meetings and a consistently full inbox, it can be difficult to find time for each individual, but that makes it even more important. Listening extra carefully and genuinely interested during lunch can already be the foundation for stronger trust.

Recognize your team’s strengths and weaknesses and support them
Instead of only praising or criticizing, it is especially important to define individual development plans. Additionally, the next career step needs to be clearly defined and should be pursued together.

And last but not least: be a coach rather than a boss

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