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8 office etiquette tips

Posted by Laura Tüttelmann on June 1, 2017

We work every day with different people who all have different habits. A dirty coffee machine can already lead to a conflict.



Everybody who works in an open space office knows how fast we can get distracted by working in the same room with so many people. Others have habits we don't share or we are not even able to relate to. One employee never has his ring tone on silent. The other one never says 'hello' when he comes into the office and the third one always turns on the heater even if the weather is nice. Thereby it is so important to be on good terms with your colleagues and not to be annoyed of each other. Though we spend most of the day with them.

We have some tips for you regarding your behavior at work. This will help you to leave a good first impression.


1. The first impression counts

Present yourself in the best way. Our brain just needs a decisecond to judge a stranger. When you pass by new colleagues you should introduce yourself politely. Don't forget to keep eye contact to the others and to give a firm handshake. Your clothing style should be appropriate. The first impression is already ruined by wearing the wrong clothes or inappropriate behavior.

2. 'Du' or 'Sie'

How you address somebody often depends on the business culture. For example it is very common in a music industry to address your colleagues informally with 'du'. Nevertheless you should wait until they offer it to you. You won’t make a big mistake by addressing your boss or colleagues formally with ‘Sie’.

3. Noise

If you didn’t make any mistakes during the first two steps, you’re well on the way. But if you are really noisy you can also receive admonishing looks from your colleagues. Don’t talk to your friends or family while you are at work in an open space office and switch your mobile phone to silent. Turn off your vibrate mode as well. This noise is also annoying after a while.


4. Food

We don’t want to tell you what to eat but prefer odorless food at work. We recommend apples or cereal bars. We advise you against eating food such as kebab, fish or cheese.


5. Heating and Airing

The temperature sensation of people can differ. You probably already noticed this. Some people always turn up the heater, although you would like to have fresh air in the room. Show consideration for others before you open the window during colder days.


6. Body odor

You don’t want to be responsible for an objectionable odor in the office. Take a deodorant to work and leave it in the bathroom. Don’t use a very strong perfume at work because others might get a headache.


7. Coffee Machine and Dishes

Most people drink coffee while they are at work and are happy if somebody already made it. In case you take the last cup of coffee, make new coffee. This extends to fully automatic machines as well: Look if there is still enough water in the machine and fill up beans in case they are almost gone. Don’t hope for someone to clean up the coffee machine. Clean it up yourself in case you have time for it. This extends to dishes as well. Put the dishes you used in the dishwasher and don’t wait for someone else to do it. You could also put the dishes of someone else away to leave a good impression.


8. Health

There are employees who are never sink or miss a day at work. Of course this is preferable. But if you’re actually sick you should stay at home because otherwise your colleagues get sick as well. This counts especially for diseases such as flus or gastro-intestinal diseases. If you really have to get work done, you should talk to your boss and consider home office.

If you followed these steps, you shouldn’t have any problems with your colleagues at work.

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