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7 things to remember, when you are asking for a raise

Posted by Laura Nelde on April 21, 2017

Asking for a raise might seem like an impossible endeavor at first. But in reality it’s no rocket science. Follow these 7 tips and you will be perfectly prepared.


Demonstrate your value

The real work starts long before your actual demand. Especially in large organizations, the contributions of the individual are easily overlooked. Without any hidden agenda, your boss might have attributed your work to one of your colleagues. Remind yourself constantly to make yourself visible and don’t be reluctant to talk about your achievements.

Schedule a meeting at the right time

It will be difficult to convince your boss on the fly, so make sure to ask for a meeting. Your boss is always in a bad mood in the morning? Schedule one in the afternoon and don’t put it on the next day. Your boss should also have some time to prepare himself.

Sometimes the wording is crucial

Instead of calling it a salary raise, try calling it a salary adjustment. While the two are ultimately the same, the wording may psychologically make the small difference.

Prepare well

Think about your arguments before going into the meeting. Where have you added value in the past and how will you support the company in the future? Did you reduce costs by 5% or do you want to simplify a process in the next year?

Be realistic

A salary raise is often a matter of negotiation and studies have shown that starting rather high will on average influence the end result positively as well. Nevertheless, you should be realistic carefully think about what you are asking for. Employee-review sites might provide some initial indicators.

Be convinced of yourself and your skills

Even if you are nervous, don’t show any insecurities in the meeting with your boss. You know what you can do and why you deserve a raise. Don’t be afraid to show that.

Compromise - but only as a last resort

If your boss insists on his opinion and is not giving you a raise, try to negotiate other benefits. A couple days of extra holiday, more flexible working hours or the possibility to work from home occasionally might not boost your wallet but can contribute significantly to your quality of life.

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