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7 podcasts to keep you up to date on all things HR

Posted by Laura Nelde on March 27, 2017

Podcasts haven’t only become popular with the US success Serial. The podcast community has been growing for a while. Especially on the daily commute, podcasts do not only provide some entertainment but are a great learning opportunity as well.

To keep an overview on all those great podcasts out there, we collected the 7 most liked podcasts in our team. It’s a mix of HR and business topics to make sure you look beyond your bubble sometimes as well.


HR Happy Hour
Possibly the oldest and most well known podcast, publishing a new episode each week on topics around management, leadership and the newest workplace technologies.

Nine to Thrive Podcast
The Human Capital Institute offers you interesting interviews each week on everything important in Talent Management. From people analytics to recruiting technologies and strategies for the optimal development opportunities.

You are especially interested in psychology and human behavior? Invisibilia combines the newest insights from psychology research with stories of real people.

DriveThru HR
The “Lunch Conversations” are short, 30 minute episodes covering anything of interest in HR.

Stories about entrepreneurship from entrepreneurs. Very entertaining, sometimes emotional and you learnt a lot from the best practices and mistakes of other people.

Best part of my Job
A simple question: “What is the best part of your job?” but a wide range of answers. Learn about what employees really appreciate at their work.

HBR IdeaCast
While the Harvard Business Review podcast doesn’t deal exclusively with HR, it gives the best crash course in leadership and management. And the archive of 400+ episodes offers some HR specific topics as well.

Do you have any other podcasts we should start listening to?

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