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6 tips to create your day more productive

Posted by Laura Tüttelmann on June 12, 2017

Do you feel like you waste too much time and don’t get all your work done? A study found out that only 17% of the employees know exactly what they got done during their work.


The productivity decreases during the day. We get distracted by the internet, smartphones or social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram very fast. But how can we concentrate more? We reveal some tips to you on how to use your day more efficiently:

1. Wake up early

The advantage of waking up early and going to work early is that you might be the only one in the office. You can start working and don't get interrupted by loud noises. It is also motivating to get work done before some other employees even arrived at the office.

2. Get enough sleep

It is really important to get enough sleep. Sleep is crucial for your productivity. An average person needs between 7-9 hours sleep a day. You are not able to concentrate and focus on your work if you're tired. People who sleep only 5-6 hours a day don't have to be surprised in case they are in a bad mood or get sick sometimes. People who sleep enough are most of the time more creative, learn faster and are in a better mood.

3. Set daily goals

Before you start working you should be aware of your goals for the day. Set clear goals and structure them. It is also helpful to set your goals already a day before. You can set deadlines. Always knowing that you have a time schedule will make you focus more.

4. The worst comes first

On the top of your list should be the biggest challenge. People are more efficient in the morning and don't get in default because they won't finish their tasks. On the other hand you feel free and you are more motivated. Not doing your disliked work leads to a stress situation. You will keep it in mind all day.

It is significant to get your tasks done. Otherwise you will end up beginning every task but not finishing anything. At the end of the day you won't be able to cross anything off the list.

5. Make a break

You should make a break after you finished a comprehensive task. Regardless of whether you make a short break or a long break it will help you to structure your everyday work. According to a study you shouldn’t work more than 90 minutes in a row. Short breaks help you to get motivated as well. Employees are unconsciously looking forward to it and work more efficient. Even if it is really seductive to have a look at Facebook during your work, it does not really foster your productivity. Get active and go and get some fresh air.

6. Work longer than planned

If you feel like you can’t work anymore and don’t get any further you should keep working 15 more minutes. This will help most of the time to overcome your problem and to get more productive. If this also doesn’t help, you should make a little break.

These few steps should help you to organize your day and get more stuff done during a short period.

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