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6 ideas for a better work atmosphere

Posted by Laura Nelde on May 8, 2017

It doesn’t have to be the high tech gear to create an attractive workplace with a good working atmosphere. It’s rather some small things that make everyone feel comfortable.



Let people work when they want to

Nine to five is over. Night owls and early birds are productive at different times of the day. If you force them to work the exact same times, you will lose efficiency and create bad vibes in the long run.


Apart from the traditional christmas party, small trips or activities increase the team spirit. Even if it is only a monthly potluck lunch or a crate of beer on a Friday evening.

A workplace to enjoy

Big Tech companies are showing how it’s done. But you don’t even have to spend that much. Granola and milk for breakfast, a fruit bowl or some nuts to satisfy the afternoon cravings. These small things help to create a workplace to enjoy which will show within your team as well.  

Monthly Meetings about something other than daily business

Take some time once a month, to talk about your achievements, plan bigger projects

Communication is key

No matter how many times you have heard, it is one of the most important conditions for a well-functioning team. Conflicts or problems should always be addressed openly and information from the manager should be forwarded to the team.

Be fair at all times

If one of your colleagues makes mistake, let him know gently in private. Exposing him in front of the entire team creates resentment and will make you unpopular within the organization. Working together on a solution doesn’t just bring you closer, but often ends with a better result.

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