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6 Brilliant Tips For Employee Motivation In The Workplace

Posted by Sarah Lindner on November 2, 2015

6 brilliant tips for employee motivation in the workplace

Only 15 % of German employees are really committed to their jobs, according to a Gallup poll. Though the rest are indeed physically present at their places of work, they complete their tasks for the most part without any real dedication – this unproductivity costs the overall German economy between 210 and 275 billion euros annually. How can employee motivation in the workplace be increased? Management has to take the lead – from the team leader all the way down to the direct supervisor, a comprehensive feedback culture needs to be established within the company.

Low levels of motivation can lead to a kind of inner premature resignation on the part of uninvolved employees. As their work ethic decreases, their absences are frequent, leading to a sink in productivity for the company. The figures speak for themselves: The absentee rate among employees with low commitment levels is around 132% higher than that of their satisfied and motivated colleagues. Due to lower productivity, companies can experience losses on an average of 252 euros per employee and day of absence. Letting these employees go doesn’t help much either: Hiring and training a new employee can cost about one and a half times the salary of the previous employee.

In their Predictions for 2016, Bersin by Deloitte said, "We have entered a new era of “management thinking”—one which takes us to a new set of principles about how we lead and empower people, and how we set goals and evaluate performance." This leads us to the following question:

What can you do to motivate employees and keep them in the company?

  1. Analyze your company culture and create goals and values that all employees can use for guidance.

  2. Reduce hierarchical structures within the company.

  3. Counteract a silo mentality by implementing cross-team workshops, thus promoting teamwork within the company in the process.

  4. Enter into a dialogue with your employees. Focus on staff training and development in order to help your employees grow personally and professionally. 

  5. Transfer responsibility to your employees.

  6. Give actionable and continuous feedback in order to increase individuals’ self-confidence and motivation. It is highly recommended to implement a feedback tool that will simplify this process.


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