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Not everyone gets along well with his/her boss and is happy with their current situation. A lot of employees don’t see their career moving forward. And there are a lot of reasons for this situation.


We conducted a survey and wanted to know how employees see their boss. We gave each of them the images below. They were free to choose which picture explains the relationship to their boss best.

The given question was: How do you see your boss? More answers are possible.


50% of the respondents chose the first image. This shows that about one of two shares the opinion that his/her boss fosters their development. Staff training, participating in important projects or pay raise help to support the development the employees and lead to a better acceptance of the boss.

14% felt like their boss treated them like a puppet (image B) and just do the work nobody else wants to do.

One out of four felt like he got too many tasks and was overstrained (image C). Some employees wanted to get rid of their boss rather than their job. Either they got more work because of they did their job really well or they didn’t feel appreciated.

21% associated themselves with image D. Employees invested a lot of energy into their work but the boss decided spontaneously to change the direction and all the effort was worth nothing.

18% felt like their bosses’ slaves. They just did whatever their boss wanted them to do. The next career step seemed just too far away.

However image F shows that 43% of the employees feel like that their boss treats them on an equal footing.

Our study found out that most employees are pleased with their boss. We conducted an other survey and wanted to find out if the respondants think that their boss fosters them. Our question was: “Do you feel like your boss fosters your development?” and 35 % answered that their superior fosters them. Certainly not everybody believed so.

Tips regarding the next career step:

1. Get attention

You shouldn’t just try to get attention within your company. You should also try to be present outside. People in your company should be aware of your qualification and your actual value. Present yourself at congresses, conventions and fairs or even at business associations.

2. Invest time in networking

Get to know new and interesting people and try to enlarge your network. Use and cultivate existing contacts from previous working experiences for your benefit. They can be of great value for you.   

3. Set SMART goals

Work on yourself and set you a time-frame (for example one year) to convince others of yourself. Set realistic goals. The SMART-formula for your goals can assist you. Concentrate on your strength.

Specific = is your goal specific enough?

Measurable = is the success measurable?

Attainable = does the goal match to your work?

Realistic = can you achieve the goal realistically?

Timely = set final goals! 

4. Show courage and willingness

You have to show courage and willingness if you really want to promote your career and you don’t want to be a puppet to your boss. Most people like to change something but they don’t have the courage. Even though you set your SMART goals, you still have to signalise that you follow these.

5. Promote yourself

You are always doing a good job but you’re quiet and inconsiderable? Than the same as shown in image C could happen to you. Your boss appreciates you but you just get more and more tasks to solve. When your boss is looking for other positions, he won’t think about you, the quiet and unremarkable employee who hides behind his/her office desks. Gain attention and try to work on important projects or tasks. You should also talk to other people in your company and try to get them on your side.

If you follow these steps, you will foster your future career.

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