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Five Minutes with: Marta Domanska at HR TechTank in Berlin

Posted by Timotee Gbaguidi on July 23, 2015

Marta Domanska - HR TechTank

Marta Domanska works for Grupa ​​​​Pra​cuj and invests in HR Tech start-ups for the company. Grupa ​​Pracuj is a tech company established in Poland and the Ukraine, that assists firms in the recruitment and development of employees.

Marta, which position do you currently hold at HR Tech Tank in Berlin?

Grupa ​​Pra​cuj is a member of the Investor Club of HR Tech Tank, meaning I attend events and watch presentations of various start-ups and see which ​I could invest in. ​We are Startegic HR Tech investor and each quarter we have different focus areas that best suits our current 22 000 clients who hire with us.

What have you gained from today's event?

I go to a lot of events of this kind, so most of the topics are already familiar to me. Despite that, I can still learn a great deal, as its a great opportunity to stay up to date with the issues that all of us are concerned with at this time. Essentially, the vast majority of start-ups are trying to find solutions to the same problems, so in that regard it is each unique perspective and approach that is so interesting.

Which HR Tech trends do you consider to be at the forefront for 2016?

The whole idea of video/remote recruitment is a very promising and important development. The corporate world is becoming more internationally integrated and expansive. Staff managers are increasingly interested in applicants from different cities, which can make things complicated due to the travel that is involved. Sometimes the candidate simply doesn't show and it becomes immediately clear that it won't work out. Job interviews through video calls are therefore rising in demand.

Can you give some advice to someone just starting out in the corporate world?

I would say your main focus should be on building your strengths to reach your greatest potential. Each one of us can contribute through our unique attributes, values and interests, which should always take precedent over weaknesses. Essentially, the best thing you could do is to promote your strengths in an area that you are passionate about.

What is your next stop after Berlin, Marta?

First, I am heading to one our newest investments in London to work out a strategy for the near future. In October, I am attending the HR Tech events in Las Vegas and Paris. Besides that, I will be going to the Web Summit, a massive conference with over 20,000 attendants. It is a very loud and full conference, but if you can deal with the havoc, you can gain a lot from it. I also want to go to the Surf Summit because surfing at 0 degrees ​​Celsius sounds like ​a challenge, doesn't it?"


Marta Domanska

HR TechTank

Topics: HR Trends, Management & Leadership, HR Solutions

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