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3 Reliable Tips To Effective Leadership Skills

Posted by Sarah Lindner on May 26, 2015

New advances in science are profoundly challenging long-standing business practices used by organizations around the world to manage talent. These data-based insights have the potential to radically alter the way organizations around the world manage talent.

New Insights into Human Behavior

If your company uses a long-standing talent management strategy, it may actually be flawed! Thanks to new insights in the fields of neuroscience, sociology, psychology and many more, new, often surprising insights are emerging, covering everything from what motivates us to how we regulate our emotions.

The following is a hand-picked selection of new insights based on the Accenture Future of HR research initiative, paired with actionable implications for HR:

1. Make Work Matter

We strive for high performance and feel satisfied when we are free to learn and create new things, as well as when we are able to improve life for ourselves and for those around us.

How can HR support? It is a good idea to define big picture goals of jobs, but to allow for autonomy, meaning allowing employees to define for themselves how to achieve these goals. It is also vital to provide workers with opportunities for growth and development, as well as helping them feel a sense of purpose in their day-to-day activities.

2. Focus on the Positive

Our brains naturally resist negative feedback, even when it comes in the form of constructive feedback; it is simply how we are wired.

Actionable implication for HR: in performance appraisals, try to mention the positive first. Also, celebration or at least acknowledgement immediately after success has been shown to have a tremendous positive impact on employee motivation.

3. It´s Not About Time, It´s About Energy

An entirely new field is emerging, based on applying neuroscience to human behavior in the workplace. Two prominent researchers David Rock and Jeffrey Schwartz, have explored decision making, problem solving, emotional regulation and collaboration in the workplace. One of their biggest insights was that “mindful, focused attention on new management practices, rather than on old habits, can actually rewire the physical brain.”

How HR can apply this new insight: it is often said that energy, not time, is the true currency of high performance. Getting enough sleep, proactively dealing with stress as well as promoting healthy eating habits not only have tremendous beneficial health benefits but also help clear the mind and help people focus on the right things.



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