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loopline update #August vol. 2 - visual improvements and updated wordings

Posted by Sebastian Friedrich on August 24, 2016
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The Demand Matrix

Posted by Jessica LaFave on August 15, 2016

Sometimes collaboration becomes too much of a good thing.

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loopline Update #August - Latest Feature Releases

Posted by Sebastian Friedrich on August 10, 2016


We’ve worked hard this month to release a lot of helpful new features for you that will be gradually released within the week after the 12th of August 2016, including:

  • Navigation & Design updates
  • What’s New? Button & Blog
  • Notifications & Admin Settings
  • Wording updates
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Girls Only: The Critique Reserved for Women.

Posted by Jessica LaFave on August 3, 2016

Few people would describe feedback talks as a great time, but could it be that your gender actually makes them worse?

Women are noted to be more often subjected to personality focused criticism when they receive feedback than their male colleagues.

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Nora Heer on BILANZ.de - The Hillary Mistake (German)

Posted by Sarah Lindner on August 3, 2016

Clinton is being attacked for her emails and blazer, but since Bernie Sanders is quiet, the criticism stopped. It shouldn't however be left now to Trump followers.

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